On August 22, the invaders plan to hold another propaganda show in Crimea; this time the “flag day” of the aggressor, and in that vein, it is worth noting so much the fake “celebration” itself, but the specifics of the “thorough preparation” for it.

So, on social networks, a “order” from the criminal “administration” in Kerch to local “entrepreneurs” was published, which not only requires them to purchase and display the Russian flag on August 22, but also contains interesting “warnings”.

Among other things, the “administration” not only threatens with punishments for placing an old or torn aggressor’s flag, but also for “improper placement of flags”. They plan to punish everyone who places the “flags of Crimea and the city” without the flag of the Russia or who places the aggressor’s flag not in the center of this “set” or who hangs the tricolor lower than, for example, the city flag.

Obviously, this “instruction” appeared for a reason, and since the occupiers are well aware of the real attitude of many Kerch residents to Russian symbols, they are trying to “minimize” such half-hidden forms of “special people’s love” for the infamous “aquafresh”.

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