Lacking other “hot topics”, the occupiers’ propaganda continues to harp on the “housing issue” regarding the “Zelensky apartments” in Livadia. All last year, the collaborators hysterically promised the “nationalization” of the premises, and finally, this September they reported that the apartment was “valued at 24 million rubles” and “will be put up for auction”, but at the same time they will make it a “museum of Nazism” because there is “an evil spirit” “

Next, the aggressor’s propagandists from “Krym24” carried out an “exorcism of the spirit” by singing the aggressor’s anthem in the bathroom, but it was obvious to everyone that with such “stand-ups” this plot was already, to put it mildly, repeating itself. A “new round” of this theater of the absurd arose when, at the end of September, the same “Crimean” propaganda distributed a video through the pseudo-resource “InfoSevastopol” about the allegedly “found Russian passport of Zelensky’s wife during searches of the family’s nationalized apartments”.

The number of inconsistencies, both obvious, starting from the different color of the walls and the “secret cache” not emptied over the years, and identified, including obvious inconsistencies in “dates”, photographs, and “numbers” of the supposed “passport”, grammatical errors and mistakes with “naming” authorities,” did not prevent a number of criminal “officials” at the level of Saki gautleiter Alexander Ovdienko from promoting the “hot news.”

The obvious tragicomic nature of the situation led to the fact that a number of occupiers’ “media” imitated “Spanish shame” on September 30 and stated that “it’s even somehow sad that part of our agitprop and respected channels fell for the video shot to promote the clickbait telegram cart from Sevastopol,” writing to them “colleagues, such a find would have been announced to you officially loudly, and not in an anonymous hack with the soundtrack of a cheap detective story”. However, it is obvious that this epic is not over for the “Crimean” propaganda and what will happen in its next episode can only be guessed at.

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