The aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda published a lot of laudatory “reports” regarding the next show, the “XVII International Festival” “Great Russian Word”, and the “meeting of the Livadia Club”. The “internationality” of this event was, as before, “at a special height”, since in addition to the Russian Nazis and Ukrainian collaborators, the only third country that was publicly “noted” was a Kremlin agent from the occupied part of Moldova, the rest of the “international participants”, apparently , decided to be “anonymous members”.
On a tragicomic note, it is worth noting that the criminal “speaker” Konstantinov, speaking about the allegedly “horrific oppression of the Russian language” until 2014, emphasized that a couple of times organized by the then curator of the “Russian world” in Crimea, and now the venerable parent of the “leaders of the Ukrainian social thought” by Pushkin scholar Vladimir Kazarin, the festival show “was not held in the Livadia Palace.”
Also, the swindler from “Consol” did not forget to remember the “struggle against English-language names”, as well as “the widespread study of the English language at school,” adding that “and just as Peter I cut a “window to Europe,” we’ll batten down it now”. However, in addition to “battening down the windows,” the participants of the “festival” and the “chicks of the Kazarin’s nest” did not forget about Nazi statements, calls for aggressive war and genocide of the Ukrainian people.
These were Alexander Dugin with his “Russian world, which has no strict borders”, and the “director of the Institute of Russian abroad”, Sergei Panteleev, who called for the destruction of Ukrainians, and so far the “senator from Sevastopol” Ekaterina Altabaeva.
Against the backdrop of these calls for a “final solution to the Ukrainian question,” a certain Sergei Kiselev, “associate professor of the department of economic and social geography, geoecology and tourism” at the fake “Crimean federal university” decided to “finally resolve the issue” of his departmental offenders and demanded tougher repression against “university teachers with pro-Ukrainian and liberal views.”
Most likely, from all the criminal stream of consciousness of the “festival”, this is precisely what can be considered a “practical task, accepted for implementation” for the near future.

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