As it was previously reported, the places of captivity in the Crimea controlled by the aggressor, namely the Simferopol “colony” and the Kerch “colony settlement” have become a “resort for the elite”, since illegally “convicted” in the Crimean “courts” are criminally taken to Russian prisons, if of course they have no “extra” ten thousands of dollars.

At the same time, the invaders illegally bring Russian prisoners into the Crimean “prisons”, also, as a rule, not for free.

In this context, the story of Russian policemen Denis Samoilov and Stanislav Golchenko, who was convicted after many years of red tape for the cruel torture of Marina Ruzaeva, a resident of Usolye, Irkutsk Region, became characteristic.

However, soon after the verdict, secretly from the victim, they were sent from the Siberian colony to “forced labor” in the Kerch “settlement”.

Well, then, in April of this year, the criminal Kerch “court”, secretly from Ruzaeva, whom Golchenko publicly advised to rejoice at the Siberian trial “that they didn’t finish off”, released this punisher “socially close” to the occupiers “on parole”.

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