As it follows from the aggressor-controlled “media”, last weekend at “School 36” of occupied Simferopol on Balaklavska Street an extremely remarkable “incident” occurred: a certain “repair contractor”, previously selected by the “administration” and “appointed” in July last year by the criminal Sergei Aksenov personally, namely the Voronezh company “Komplekt” Yuri Kravchenko dismantled all the doors, stair railings and floors in the gym.

No “repairs” ordered and promoted in 2022 by the occupiers’ propaganda to utilize the “presidential grant” of a couple of hundred million were done, for a fairly clear “reason”: it turns out that “sanitary standards” prohibit the renovation of schools while pupils are present there. The situation worsened when, by the end of the year, realizing that there would be no “repairs,” the criminal “administration” and the “prosecutor’s office” sent “instructions” to the “contractor” with an obvious hint about the need to “share the remainder of the grant”.

However, the “contractor”, who had previously spent more than 5 billion on various “Crimean contracts”, for some reason decided, instead of the traditional form of “resolving issues”, to begin imitation of vigorous activity and this coming weekend decided to imitate “repair work” as actively as possible. At the same time, the occupiers’ punishers, who arrived at the “director’s call” “threw their hands” because “the contractor’s documents were in order,” and no one offered the aggressor’s “police” a share in the “robbery of the loot”.

The most tragicomic thing in this story is not even that the occupiers a year ago talked about the “first repair in thirty years” at the long-suffering “School 36”, but also that in 2017 they successfully blamed it on its “repair” with the fake company “Zhilstroyproekt” 5 .5 million. The mentioned “Komplekt” previously, among other things, figured in the scandal with the fake “reconstruction” of the Simferopol “Chess Fountain”.

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