On April 23, the aggressor-controlled “media” reported that in the fake occupiers’ “Kherson parliament” actively promotes “the candidacy for the position of head” of the criminal “control and accounts chamber of the Kherson region”, in the form of the Crimean collaborator Stanislav Krysin.
Until 2014, Krysin worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and until 2012 he was the chief accountant of the Crimean headquarters, and then he worked in the central department of material support. Krysin returned to occupied Crimea in 2014 and he became the criminal “leader of the bailiffs” under the occupiers, and in 2016 he became another illegal “major” of Feodosia.
However, already at the end of August 2017, Krysin, on the initiative of Gauleiter Sergei Aksenov, was sent, like his predecessor, and like his subsequent successor to the “position”, “to resign at his own request,” according to the standard formulation “the town is littered.”
Let us recall that, as we wrote earlier, due to the “special keen love” that has developed between the groups of Vladimir Saldo and Aksyonov, and, accordingly, between their Moscow “business patrons”, Crimean collaborators, once “offended” “the criminal head of Crimea, are systematically moved to the occupied Henichesk

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