On May 2, in Kуіv “Ukrinform”, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center presented the “BOTcare for IDPs” chat-bot, which included all the necessary information for internally displaced persons, in particular, from among the indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine. This assistant will provide all the necessary links, legal assistance, contacts, addresses of cultural centers, centers of administrative cervices, and so on.

CTRC recalls that currently in Ukraine more than 5 million citizens have officially received the status of an internally displaced person, and this process is still ongoing. But, unfortunately, their number is increasing daily, as hostilities continue and thousands of Ukrainians are evacuated from the occupied territories under Russian control every day.

Every person forced to leave their home and move to an unfamiliar place faces incredible stress, as well as a number of problems, including maintaining their ethnic and religious identity in a new area. For prompt assistance in solving these issues, a chat-bot was created.

The presentation of this project was attended by Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Konstantin Koshelenko and Deputy Head of the State Service for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience of Ukraine Igor Lossovsky.

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