Association of Reintegration of Crimea © is a network of organizations, activists and structures from different countries that aims to resolve the Crimean issue fairly and sustainably.

About us

Our Association operates in many civilized countries of the world and we offer to contact our national units or partner structures to cooperate on any certain issues. 

The Association is not responsible for the content of published reports of news agencies and may publish articles without sharing the author’s point of view. The author is responsible for the content of the presented materials.


“Crimean Blogger” and Aggressor’s Nazi Interfere to France’s Internal Affairs

“Crimean Blogger” and Aggressor’s Nazi Interfere to France’s Internal Affairs

Our Association’s experts researched for last years the issues of terroristic aspects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, including Russia-financed and Russian-controlled activities of terroristic groups on the Russia-occupied territories. Also ARC’s regularly monitor the…

Illegal and Provocative “Donation” from French Conservatory to Russian Occupiers in Yevpatoria

Illegal and Provocative “Donation” from French Conservatory to Russian Occupiers in Yevpatoria

As it was published last week by Russia-controlled illegal “media” in occupied Yevpatoria and Sevastopol, Alexandra Delannoy-Krutchkova, declared as head of the vocal department of Darius Milhaud Departmental Conservatory in Aix-en-Provence, France, initiated transfer to…

Our mission

Association of Reintegration of Crimea © operates as the unified platform for finding and resolving the wide range of issues with Crimean background, that arose as the result of the ongoing occupation of Crimea.

The work of the Association unites the efforts of activists and media, Crimeans, lawyers, experts of independent structures and civil formations, aimed to the reintegration of Crimea. The general principles of the Association are conditioned by our duty for current and strategic response to the destructive actions (processes) in Crimea. Answers to such actions must be invented in modern conditions, they would guarantee the fair and sustainable solutions of the Crimean issues in accordance with the international law, princilpes of the regional security and cooperation, of the sustainable development of the communities, of the realization the peoples, minorities and individuals` rights.

Our Association proceeds from the fact, that the current situation on the peninsula clearly and grossly contrares to the principles of world order and to the natural rights.

Therefore it will not last forever, and requires careful preparation just now. Our goal is to find and improve ways to return Crimea to Ukrainian jurisdiction and in a format of mutually beneficial global cooperation, respecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine and taking into account the interests of Crimeans, while minimizing obvious challenges to life, environmental rights and freedoms, to security and economy. The activities of the Association are based on the principles of tolerance and humanism.

Our motto at work: the advantage of intellect over the brute force. We are open for dialogue and lawful cooperation with the authorities and self-government, with officials, politicians and academicians of all civilized countries, as well as with the international organizations. The only limitation in this area for our partners is their non-participation in committing (facilitating) the international crimes.

The Association realistically assesses the potential of state and public structures of Ukraine in the Crimean dimension, but is open for cooperation with them. At the same time, the Association refrains from interfering into the domestic policy of any country on any issues except Crimean ones.

Our Cooperation: