On April 17, the head of the pro-Kremlin authorities in Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, said that he, as well as the head of the “Ak-Bars” holding, Ivan Yegorov, were not allowed into Moldova, forbidding them to get off the plane and indicating that he was an undesirable person.

We previously wrote that Minnikhanov was included in the sanctions lists of a number of countries, and that the Minnikhanov clan, as well as the aforementioned “Ak-Bars”, actively participated in the plundering of land and real estate in the occupied Southern coast of the Crimea, in particular, this concerned Foros.

Minnikhanov’s visit was linked by the aggressor’s special services with the so-called “first international congress of people’s diplomacy” “Friendship of Peoples-2023”, which was announced in the center of the Gagauz territorial autonomy, Comrat, on the occasion of the “thirtieth anniversary of the Russian community of the Republic of Moldova”.

This already exhaustively says that it was precisely by “friendship of peoples” and “people’s diplomacy” that the Moscow curators of the “congress” meant, and the “lighting up” of the participation of the “delegation of Tatarstan” planned at it is far from accidental.

Let us recall that since 2014, the Kremlin has been actively using its “Kazan orphans” to try to influence the Crimean Tatar people in order to persuade its key representatives to collaborate with the Russian invaders; it is obvious that the Russian special services have similar criminal plans for the Turkic-speaking Gagauz of Moldova.

Earlier it was written that it was on April 17 that the Kremlin planned to start a new wave of destabilization in Moldova, with inciting interethnic and interreligious hatred, and the current provocative attempt at a “congress” and with the participation of the head of Tatarstan and the Kremlin puppets who “invited” him – Viktor Petrov and Alexander Sukhodolsky became bright confirmation of that.

Now it is obvious that a new wave of destabilization, with an attempt by the Russia’s special services according to the “Crimean scenario”, will unfold in Moldova on the eve of the election of the head of Gagauzia on April 30, for which the Kremlin puts just the mentioned “candidate” Petrov.

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