The occupiers’ propaganda quite “modestly” “reported” on the fake “VIII scientific conference” “Nuremberg trials: history and modernity” held in Yalta, and the main reason here should be considered not some “vague guesses about certain analogies” from the Crimean Nazis, but simply because that this time it was not possible to gather absolutely anyone for this show, not even “Russian colleagues”. The permanent Crimean Nazis Efim Fiks and Vladimir Konstantinov began to “take the rap” for the cargo cult beloved by the aggressor, and both reduced the rhetoric to mass murder.

And if Fix’s supposed “right to the truth” from Russian imperialism is “conditioned” by the number of millions of his previously killed “subjects,” then the swindler from “Consol” decided not to “stop there” and once again declared the “crime” of the German people, and also that “absolutely all European countries, with the possible exception of Serbia and Greece, are participants or accomplices in the crimes of the Nazis”. In principle, Konstantinov’s calls for the destruction of European peoples and European civilization as a whole are not new.

In addition to the obvious need for their procedural assessment as incitement to aggression and genocide, it is worth assuming that such constant language of hatred, which distinguishes the elderly “cormorant of the Crimean spring” from the galaxy of “talking heads” of the aggressor, is “saddled” by Konstantinov for a reason: it is obvious that both calls for genocide and all sorts of fake “trials” under his “omophorion” are not just a desire to “please the Kremlin,” but also a combination to “fly to Moscow” for which Konstantinov, for some reason, has been intensively preparing an “information springboard” for the last six months.

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