The large-scale Russian aggression and the subsequent financial stagnation and economic collapse of the occupied Crimea put a number of the aggressor’s projects on the occupied peninsula “on hold”.

This, in particular, concerns the idea of illegal “creation of a railway bypass of the St. Clement Monastery”, with the demolition of the stadium and a number of households in the occupied Sevastopol.

This also applies to the illegal “construction of a power transmission line” from Sevastopol to Alupka, to the area of the so-called “Kremlin dachas” which would require the cutting down of more than a million trees.

For these projects, in addition to an incomprehensible practical purpose and exceptional high cost, which would allow people involved in the “streams” to become fantastically enriched, their lobbying directly by the “top officials” of the Kremlin is typical.

It is noteworthy that now the statement about the fake “construction of a new city” on the Arabat Spit, occupied by Russia, has a similar character.

Now the occupiers are claiming that they are allegedly “postponing the Sevastopol plans” because “unilateral sanctions have sharply increased the cost” of the criminal “projects”.

At the same time, “preparing the ground” for this “culture of cancellation”, invaders-controlled propaganda is slowly “leading” to the recognition of the utopian and fantastic nature of these “projects”.

For this, the criminal and fake “head of the committee on urban planning and land issues” Vyacheslav Gorelov was involved, who said that “projects are created only for the sake of projects”.

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