A few years before the start of large-scale Russian aggression, the invaders’ propaganda whipped up a degree of hysteria with statements by a number of Crimean collaborators about the preparation of a certain “claim against the Ukrainian authorities” regarding the so-called “water blockade” of the peninsula. Since all attempts to raise this “issue” on international platforms ended in a predictable fiasco for the aggressor, since 2021 the collaborators have “focused” on preparing a “claim” to the fake “Crimean arbitration court”.

Already as part of a large-scale invasion of mainland Ukraine and after the criminal seizure by the invaders of the North Crimean Canal in the Kherson Region, in March 2022, the fictitious “damage assessment working group” transferred the “prepared claim for 152 billion rubles” to the illegal “republican government”.

However, on November 29, the infamous criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov stated that this fake “lawsuit” “is technically impossible to file while the special operation is underway”. It is still unknown what exactly stopped this propaganda operation of the Kremlin in fact, but most likely the “materials of the lawsuit” turned out to be so “high-quality” designed that the very publication in a fake “trial” further discredits this “important” “question” for the aggressor.

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