The phantom pains of “Crimean tourism” haunt the occupiers’ propaganda and its efforts to fabricate an alternative reality and promises of some kind of “bright future” continue to grow in the traditional tragicomic role.

Therefore, it is not surprising that on September 28, paraphrasing the communist slogan about the mummified dictator “tourism has lived, is alive and will live,” the occupiers did not come up with anything better than promising a change in the situation in connection with … global warming, which, according to the words of another fake “Simferopol assistant professor” promoted in the “media” Igor Vakhrushev, supposedly “things are going well for the Crimea”.

Let us note that this thesis, “by an amazing coincidence,” reproduces the narratives of “modern Kremlin philosophers” that we have repeatedly described about the supposed “benefits of global warming” for the aggressor. Against this background, the deliberately fake figures of allegedly “4 million tourists by the end of the summer” were announced, against the backdrop of the fact that the occupiers themselves stated two weeks ago that no more than two million people have entered the criminal “Crimean Bridge” since the beginning of 2023 “by all types of transport”, and clearly not only and not so much “tanning connoisseurs”, are clearly mentioned by propagandists solely “for show”.

And the “joy” of the occupiers about “mainland tourists” in the form of “road workers, builders, managers, signalmen” of the occupation structures of Henichesk, Berdyansk and Melitopol, who “strive to go to the Crimea for at least a couple of days,” speaks for itself: if the collaborators’ “resort business” adapts to such a contingent; it is difficult to find a better description of the word “hopelessness” here.

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