As previously reported, on April 3, in Russia-occupied Melitopol, a car was blown up with local collaborator Maxim Zubarev, who was declared the aggressor in the criminal role of “the head of the Akimovsky district,” and a number of sources reported that the occupiers transported Zubarev “to Crimea for treatment.”

We have already written that the occupiers unusually promptly “replaced” Zubarev, who was blown up with numerous injuries, with a Russian woman, Yulia Gubanova, who had previously been displaced from the occupied Sevastopol, where she at one time headed the “laying” controlled by the criminal “governor” Razvozhaev, the criminal “Sevastopolstroyproekt”, created in 2020 by “reorganizing” the illegal “football club” “Sevastopol”.

It was also reported about the “arrest” in the occupied Donetsk of the terrorist Vladimir Pogodin, previously brought by Mikhail Razvozhaev to the criminal role of “deputy director for security” in the specified “Sevastopolstroyproekt”, as part of a “counter search for leverage”.

Further, on April 16, an event quite unusual for the aggressor’s propaganda of the and its “talking heads” took place: Zubarev recorded a video message “to the top leadership of Russia” in which he stated that he was “not being treated qualitatively” and that “there is no consistency and system” in the treatment of undermined “military or officials”, and that there is no “clear scheme of action”.

The explanation for these “sudden revelations” of Zubarev can be quite simple – the collaborator clearly felt that, being alive, he “interferes with too many people in Crimea”, including the Gubanova’s “curators”, the aforementioned Razvozhaev and his protege Sergei Tolmachev, who was sent to Melitopol, and have already prepared a “checkerboard” for cutting “federal funding” in the Russia-occupied part of the Zaporizhzhya Region.

That is why Zubarev decided to “insure himself” against a “sudden medical error”, but the near future will show how successful his calculation was. However, Zubarev can only hope that after his possible sudden death his “new Sevastopol best friends” will “rename” some Melitopol dead end “in his honor” for some short time, until the inevitable de-occupation.

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