Earlier, we have repeatedly written about the criminal plans of the invaders and their accomplices to destroy the Moinaki Park in the occupied Yevpatoria, one of the few perennial plantations of the arid Western Crimea that have remained over the past nine years.

It was pointed out that under the guise of a “medical and recreational complex”, the illegal “Simferopol Development Company”, controlled by the Russian invaders, associated with the Aksyonov clan, including the criminal Dmitry Polonsky, is building a residential complex “Moinaco Riviera” on the site of the destroyed park, where the invaders began to advertise the “sale of real estate”.

On February 13, the aggressor’s propaganda “officially admitted” that all the land near the once healing Lake Moinaki would be built up precisely by “Moinaco Riviera”, including “18 residential buildings, 6 apartment complexes, a shopping complex”, as well as “parking for 2000 places”.

At the same time, this complex for the Russian colonialists, called in the aggressor’s propaganda nothing more than “new Yevpatoria”, is obviously the very “new city” about which Sergey Aksyonov criminally declared in 2022. However, judging by the declared “volume of construction”, the Russian invaders do not plan to limit themselves to the destruction of the park.

Among other things, it was stated that “the water supply and sanitation networks for Novaya Yevpatoria were built” within the framework of the criminal “federal targeted program”, therefore, allegedly “there will be no additional load on the previously existing ones”, and that “all technical conditions for connecting the required capacities have been received” .

In fact, of course, the Russian occupiers did not carry out any development of infrastructure, and this is not about the millions “disappeared” at this “environmentally friendly construction site”, but first of all about the fact that the waste products of this “complex” of the colonialists will either go to the same long-suffering lakes or in the sea of the former children’s resort.

However, given the excitement from collaborators with “advertising for the sale of apartments”, one should not exclude the understanding by these scammers of the deplorable fate of their project in the conditions of the upcoming de-occupation of the peninsula, and therefore their current desire to urgently “sell air” to Moinaco Riviera is quite predictable.

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