Upon organizers’ invitation ARC’s representative Olena Stadnik took active art in event of World for Ukraine (W4UA) Summit that started in Poland, on G2A Arena – the Exhibition and Congress Centre of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszow-Jasionka at September 28.

W4UA Summit is a unique event that unites individuals and organizations that are involved in supporting Ukraine. Through thought-provoking discussions and innovative solutions, the summit addresses pressing issues like humanitarian relief, combating disinformation, and the nation’s post-war reconstruction. With global participation, the summit fosters a united movement dedicated to building a brighter future for Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation.

During Summit’s panels “In Pursuit of Justice – Strengthening International and Ukrainian Legal Infrastructure”, “About Victims of War – Reparations for War Crimes Committed” and “Children’s Deportation in Focus – Responding to Human Rights Abuses and War Crimes” Olena Stadnik took active part in discussions and presented ARC’s researches and publications on relevant issues.

ARC’s expert initiated Summit’s discussions on issues of possible forms and mechanisms of restrictions on Russian export assets to seizure it partially to finance urgent Ukrainian needs, regarding forms of international support the elimination of consequences of Russia’s committed ecocide in Ukraine, on possible forms to compensation the damage caused by Russian naval aggression against Black Sea and Danube shipping for third countries.

Also ARC’s representative reminded to participants on Ukraine’s duty to ratify Rome Statute, discussed on International Crimea Platform issues and stressed that as Russia de-facto paralyzed the OSCE mechanisms of supporting Ukraine in last two years, special ways to reconstruct the system of international security and cooperation mechanisms might be proposed.

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