On June 27, our Association’s expert Olesya Tsybulko continued her fruitful activities in Vienna at the OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting “The Role of Civil Society in Promoting and Protecting Tolerance and Non-Discrimination”.

The expert reported to the OSCE at the Meeting “Towards Tolerance and Non-Discrimination and Combating Hate Crimes for Groups at Risk” on Nazi hate speech by representatives of the aggressor in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, including in Crimea.

Tsybulko stressed that Russia’s illegal activities are related to Russian-controlled propaganda, which includes hate speech on the Internet, especially against Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, against some other linguistic and ethnic groups, Christian and Muslim confessions and against other minority groups, including LGBT.

The expert recalled the Report of the UN Special Rapporteur Tendaya Achiuma published on these topical issues and reflecting the proposals prepared by Professor Boris Babin of our Association.
The ARC expert informed the OSCE about the example of regular Nazi statements by the criminal “Crimean Speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, including his incitement of hatred against German Jews and Ukrainians.

There was also an example of Nazi propaganda organized by the aggressor in occupied Genichesk, carried out by the sub-sanctioned “founder of the Livadia Club” Sergey Panteleev and the odious Minsk Nazi and agent of the “Russian world” Alexey Dzermant.

Tsybulko in her speech stressed that the duty to protect victims from racial discrimination, which has become an instrument of crimes of aggression and war crimes, is of particular importance for OSCE bodies and also pointed out the importance of the duty to protect from hate speech linked to calls for racial discrimination and calls for aggressive war, genocide and war crimes in inter-state conflict.
ARC experts also participated in some of the side events of the OSCE Meeting, which we will report on further.

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