In framework of permanent cooperation with UN bodies our Association sent in April, 2023 submission to UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing Dr. Balakrishnan Rajagopal for his report to the 78th session of the UN General Assembly to be presented in October 2023 regaring housing affordability.

In ARC’s submission, published on UN web-sources, the vioations by Russian aggressive military machine and by occupation units the Ukrainian’s rights to housing is described, as millions of Ukrainians, including children and older persons lost their houses due to Russian aggression, occupation of territories and related hostilities.

ARC stressed again in submission, prepared by proffessor Borys Babin, that war crimes, committed by Russian invaders during ongoing hostilities are connected with absolutely clear Russia’s militaristic targets in maximal destruction the civil object including apartment buildings and private houses in Ukraine.

Associuation informed Dr. Rajagopal that Ukraine do possible measures to protect Ukrainians’ right to housing affordability and on February 23, the Verkhovna Rada adopted law № 2923-IX, establishing the procedure for state compensation for damaged and destroyed property as a result of hostilities.

ARC stressed in its submission that special challenges to right to housing affordability must be solved after the de-occupation of the Crimea during its reintegration, and that Association works actively on this challenge.

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