On March 3-6, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center together with “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom” held a strategic forum “Future of Crimea”, in which more than twenty key experts on the subject of the peninsula took part, most of them with significant academic and research experience and, at the same time, extensive practice in the field of public administration, legal work and human rights protection.

The subject of discussion at the forum was the Ukrainian re-integration of the Crimea within the framework of administrative, humanitarian, criminal, property, cultural and international policy. The main emphasis of the expert analysis was on the realism of the assessment of challenges and the rationality of the proposed solutions in the conditions of re-integration of the peninsula.

While developing specific proposals for state power and civil society, the forum participants proceeded both from the normative, material and personnel base available in Ukraine and from the de-occupation mechanisms and priorities declared by the country’s leadership.

In particular, the concepts of ARC’s expert, professor Borys Babin regarding the accounting of persons, property, facts and the creation of temporary registers, as well as the announcement of moratoriums, were voiced.

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