On December 1, the XI Annual International Forum on the practice of the European Court of Human Rights ended, in which representatives of our Association took an active part. The event was organized by the OSCE Support Program for Ukraine within the framework of the project “Guaranteeing respect for human rights in the administration of justice” and the Council of Europe Project “Support to the functioning of justice in the war and post-war context in Ukraine”

The forum was attended by judges of the European Court from different countries, by representatives of the Ukrainian judicial system and justice; among other things, aspects of the Convention standards for criminal proceedings during hostilities and aspects of derogation from Convention obligations were discussed.

As part of the forum discussion, ARC expert Professor Borys Babin asked the question of the development of cases related to Russian aggression in the European Court since 2014, especially given the prospects for the Court to rule on a number of “Crimean” and “Donetsk” cases in the near future, which caused a lively discussion among the participants.

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