While the Kremlin is increasing hysteria in the matter of Armenia’s preparation for ratification of the Rome Statute, the aggressor’s “Sevastopol” propagandists from the notorious “ForPost” decided against this background to “comfort” their audience by making the next “breakthrough discoveries in international law”.

Among other things, the “treasury of wisdom of the Russian world” was replenished with such pearls of non-scientific fiction as “if the orders of the international criminal court contradict the laws of the country, they do not apply. No way, never and nowhere”; “ICC orders are rather advisory in nature”; “not a single UN order has literally made anyone in this world feel hot or cold” and “most international organizations with big names have existed in recent years almost nominally”.

Of course, one can be sarcastic about the fact that this “media” decided to outdo the fake “state council” of Vladimir Konstantinov with his “claims by 1954” in terms of the degree of legal ignorance, but of course, in fact, these “journalists” understand everything perfectly well, and their “stage denial” will soon flow into the “bargaining stage”, and not for the distant “Putin and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova,” but regarding the international crimes they personally committed in the role of accomplices.

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