On March, 7 upon organisers’ invitation our Association’s expert Dr. Borys Babin took online participation on conference “Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals: Future Directions for International Law and Governance”, co-hosted by the University of Cambridge, the University of Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai.

More than 20 scientists and researchers gathered offline at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law in Cambridge, and broad audiences participated at this event online. During the conference participants discussed issues of the international legal regime on climate change and COP28 outcomes on that issue and what climate law and governance actions are needed by universities, professionals, and law and policy leaders to advance such outcomes.

In his remarks Professor Babin reminded on the aspects of the importance of reflecting the issues of climate change in international humanitarian and criminal law on examples of Russian aggression’s negative influence on global warming as a deliberate target of Russian invaders, including relevant Crimean examples. Relevant conference’s concluding observations were done by Professor Ian Fry, UN Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change, and Professor, Dean of School of Law Rashad Ibadov, Advisory Council of Supreme Court of Azerbaijan.

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