In mid-December, the “new Crimean Metropolitan” Tikhon, whom we have repeatedly described, came to occupied Yevpatoria and after his “persistent admonitions,” local collaborators “from Orthodoxy” were slightly “galvanized” by him to “strengthen online work” as part of the aggressor’s criminal militaristic propaganda. However, since the “innovations” in the propaganda of the “Russian world”, familiar to toothache to all residents of the former children’s resort, somehow do not work out for the local clergy, they released into the “information arena” such a “wunder-waffe” as “Orthodox philosopher Alexander”.

This figure, called “in the world” aka Alexander Anufrienko, recently published in the aggressor-controlled “Yevpatorian media” a short “kakhetizis” entitled “Why is man on Earth?”, which contains a simple “answer”: he is supposedly needed in order to come on a “tour of the territory of the spiritual and patriotic complex of St. Nicholas Cathedral” under the auspices of the “Orthodox cultural and educational center”. Previously, Mr. Anufrienko also “distinguished himself” in the field of the “Russian world”, among other things, engaging not only in “patriotic education” in the interests of the aggressor, but also creating in Yevpatoria in 2017, under the control of Russian punitive forces, the “Brotherhood of Orthodox Scouts-Pathfinders.”

It is noteworthy that the “pathfinder” himself comes from Krasnodon (Sorokino) and first made a career in the local police, but then, in 2007, he became a candidate of sciences at the Kiev National University and then ended up in the Evpatoria Faculty of the Crimean Humanitarian University, where he vegetated in the role of a “teacher of labor protection” both before the occupation and in the current fake clone of the institution, the “Yevpatoria Institute of Social Sciences”.

It is not known for certain how thoroughly Anufrienko read his candidate’s dissertation, which deals with “democratic, Ukrainian, social, legal state building of the 21st century”, “the fight against the consequences of the destruction of Ukrainian culture: primarily its spiritual, legal and national-political segments”, “deliberative democracy and Ukrainian national consolidation in the Ukrainian national legal space,” but among other things, in 2003, he proposed educating future lawyers on the tragic experience of the Holodomor.

Most likely, the Russian special services “picked up the key” to the “pathfinder” quite a long time ago, even before the occupation of the Crimea, but its use was clearly limited by the cognitive abilities of the person involved, therefore he was assigned to the “accompanying Orthodox line”, where he was now obviously “picked up” by Tikhon.

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