As we have noted recently, the criminal occupiers’ “speaker”, Vladimir Konstantinov to “grow”, at least to the level of dictators from Pyongyang, decided in terms of the level of criminal threats to the world.

Earlier, we recall, the criminal owner of the fraudulent construction corporation “Consol” was noted in threats to the Black Sea countries, stating that the Black Sea was allegedly “inland” for Russia.

Naturally, this hate speech could be attributed both to the delirium of the “speaker” himself and to the “specifics of relations” between the elderly “pride leader” and his regular “speechwriter”, but the fact of Russian naval aggression is now indisputable.

And the situation is also indisputable when in the United States, starting from 2022, accidents on railway transport periodically occur, including those with large-scale environmental and economic consequences.

Now Konstantinov cynically “advises” the Americans “to restore order … on their railway tracks”, where the sabotage activities of the aggressor’s special services are obvious.

It is predicted that such “lightly veiled” threats will sooner or later be assessed by the American authorities, and Konstantinov himself, who is so “fascinated” by historical precedents, should carefully study the fate of those who publicly threatened the United States with acts of terror.

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