We have already noted that against the backdrop of the complete collapse of fake “international processes,” it has become extremely difficult for the occupiers to portray at least any “activity” of third countries on the occupied peninsula. And, since “nobody has canceled” the criminal tasks of the aggressor’s propagandists, their “talking heads of the second league” like Sevastopol’s Sergei Abramov promise a “platform for international communication” in the occupied city, probably right in the dilapidated headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet about the fate of which Gauleiter Razvozhaev could not tell anything, advising to “wait for the military position”.

The criminal “neighborhood speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov is a little simpler in this regard; he promises “international events” on the tenth anniversary of the occupation of the Crimea, but “for some reason” in Moscow. Against this background, another aggressor’s Sevastopol propagandist, Pavel Kukhmistrov, apparently decided to show a “master class in optimism” and also decided to talk about the “dizzying victories of Russian diplomacy” in the “post-Soviet space”.

They supposedly boil down to Armenia’s defeat in the war with Azerbaijan in the style of “it serves them right,” to the fact that the countries of Central Asia did not declare their intention to join NATO and that Lukashenko began to tell less sarcastic “insiders” after the aftertaste of behind-the-scenes communication with the Kremlin dictator. Here it remains to state that both its “politics” and its “analysts” match the golem of modern Russian imperialism.

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