Since December 2022 the “Crimean point” was an important part of discussion in the media of civilized states, including U.S. For example a set of opinions was published in “Financial Times” regarding the perspectives of “negotiations with Russia”, started by a column of Martin Wolf in December, who stated that “this war is an existential war not only for Ukraine, but also for Europe”, so “the West must ensure that Ukraine survives and thrives as a thriving democracy. This is not only morally necessary, but also in the interests of the West”.

“Answering” to this point Jeffrey Sachs published on 9th of December the manipulative essay regarding the so-called “true choices facing Ukraine”, where some pro-Russian narratives were pointed. Let us add, that just before broad-scale Russian aggression Jeffrey Sachs published on 21st of February the article where reflected the Russia’s propaganda that US allegedly “should compromise on NATO to save Ukraine”.

Later, in the end of 2022, Ted Gaffney answered to Sachs in “Financial Times” by column “Just ask Crimean Tatars how they feel about Russia”, who pointed that concerning Russia’s fake “historic claims to the Crimea, how about we ask the Crimean Tatars their take on this issue”; “can Tsarist Russia’s quest for a warm water port “justify” the eventual conquest of Crimea?” added Dr. Gaffney from Florence Griswold Museum in Connecticut regarding false myths about allegedly “Russian Crimea”.

Ted Gaffney points, regarding Russia broad-scale aggression against Ukraine adn Russia’s attempted genocide against Ukrainian people: “what happened to the internationally recognized right of a people’s self-determination? Russia may be the “friend” and “big brother” of South Slavs, but was never so to the Poles and Ukrainians”.

So, Gaffney adds regarding the discussion on so-called “negotiations” with Russia “Who needs enemies with “friends” like these? One does not negotiate with terrorists; be it a state or an organization, cult, sect or movement etc.”.

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