According to the “Crimean Process” initiative, since the introduction by the aggressor in March 2022 of Article 20.3.3 of the Code of administrative offenses on the “discrediting of the armed forces” of the aggressor and its criminal use by the occupiers in the Crimea, 350 facts of “compilation of materials” by the occupiers’ punishers have been revealed, resulting in 324 illegal “administrative penalties”, with this statistic showing an increase in 2023.

At the same time, fake “court orders” are most often created on the day the “materials” arrive, “public discrediting” is punishable by the aggressor for publications of Crimean residents on various Internet resources, including social networks, including for demonstrating vyshyvanka, manicure in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, photos of the body with a tattoo of the map of Ukraine, as well as for the publication of the Ukrainian flag and the video of the performance of the Ukrainian anthem.

There have also been persecutions for verbal statements by Crimean residents and for demonstrating an anti-war or pro-Ukrainian position, for example, for placing two flags with Ukrainian symbols in the windows of one’s house.

At the same time, it was revealed that information about “dates of meetings” and “decisions made” is often published with a long delay or is generally hidden, and the “judge” when “considering materials” at the same time performs the “function of the prosecution”.

At the same time, the “court” does not bother to conduct “linguistic examinations”, punishing the Crimean residents for such statements as “such a circus is happening” to the video about the collaborators’ propaganda rally, or for the phrase “peaceful sky above their heads”.

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