On the morning of February 16, a rather powerful explosive cloud was noticed north of Armyansk near the village of Chervonny Chaban in the occupied part of the Kherson region. The invaders’ propaganda, using the “talking head” of Oleg Kryuchkov, after a couple of hours, stated that this was supposedly “combat coordination of troops using various ammunition”.

However, almost at the same time, the illegal occupiers’ “department of ministry of emergency situations” announced “the neutralization of ammunition from the period of the Second World War, identified in the area of the Turkish Shaft”. However, for the first version, the view of the explosion was too large for the “exercises”, and in the second version, readers noticed a discrepancy with the season of the exposed photograph with rusty ammunition.

Therefore, later on the afternoon of February 16, the Russian occupiers “gave birth” to the third version, declaring through “mainland” puppets that in the areas adjacent to Crimea “280 bays of artillery powder with a total weight of over a ton” were “destroyed” by a controlled explosion, which were allegedly “found” somewhere then near Chaplinka.

In this version, the place of the “controlled explosion” is still inconsistent, since it obviously took place in the north of the Perekop Isthmus, where there are many communications, sensitive to the aggressor, and to bring a ton of porosity there to undermine, is too strange.

However, the “fountains of ideas” continued from the morning of February 17, when the invaders’ propaganda announced that in the Streletska Bay of occupied Sevastopol, allegedly “a household fire occurred on a small anti-submarine ship that was decommissioned and is being prepared for disposal”, due to which “smoke remains”, because supposedly “ the outlet could not withstand the load of the household heater”.

In this “life version of events” it remains only to “envy” the extravagance of the Russian invaders, who provide autonomous power supply to the “decommissioned ships” to the extent that their sockets have electricity.

Further, it will obviously be possible to expect much more new “revelations” from the invaders’ propaganda, which is clearly meager in fantasy.

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