As the fake “administration” of the occupied Sevastopol previously “optimistically” reported, a certain “agricultural cooperative” “Sevastopol Dairy Plant” was supposed to work near the suburban village of Verkhnesadove.

It was allegedly “constructed” on the lands of the former farm named after Perovskaya, which during the years of Russian occupation were actively “sold out” by “businessmen” controlled by the aggressor, allegedly also “for vineyards”.

For the “construction of a dairy plant”, this “cooperative”, headed by a businessman who previously appeared in a “criminal case of fraud and embezzlement on an especially large scale”, in 2020 asked for and received from the occupiers a “subsidy” of 15 million rubles, allegedly “for the construction dairy shop and purchase of equipment”.

At the same time, the “cooperative” actually engaged in land speculation for the allegedly subsequent “construction of facilities”, closely “cooperating” with the fake “director of the department of agriculture and the consumer market” of the occupiers Vadim Kirpichnikov, whose subordinates also mastered the “awards for the implementation of the project”, also the fake “deputy governor” Maria Litovko actively promoted herself on the “project”.

As of November 2022, it became obvious to everyone that no one would build any “dairies” in Verkhnesadove. To cover up the scam, the invaders’ punishers have now stated that the said businessman, “a 39-year-old resident of Moscow”, as it “suddenly turned out”, “made a fake sales contract for a modular workshop and a consignment note for receiving equipment.”

However, with the “vineyards” the invaders “do not succeed a little”, because now the “administration” of the aggressor does not give “subsidies” for the “purchase of foreign seedlings”, which since 2014 have been coming to the occupied Crimea from Italy and Greece according to “gray schemes”, in bypassing European Union sanctions.

Now the criminal “governor” Razvozhaev promises to “buy seedlings in the Krasnodar Territory” and “breed Crimean seedling farms”, but the agricultural technologies, available to the aggressor, objectively do not allow this to be done on an industrial scale and for modern varieties of grapes.

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