At the end of May, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov again returned to the “long-suffering” fake about the “cancellation” of documents on the transfer of the Crimea to Ukraine in 1954.

As previously reported, at first Konstantinov announced the “cancellation of decisions” by the aggressor’s state duma, later – about the “consideration of the case in the constitutional court”.
However, at the moment, the fake “state council” has not yet applied to the duma or to the department of the newly minted “cartographer” Zorkin. Since the “state council” itself is an absolutely manual occupiers’ “voting machine” , the current “strange pause” after the loud statements of the swindler from “Consol” caused a new public “stream of consciousness” from Konstantinov.

The criminal speaker suddenly “gave back”, stating that “who initiates this process is not so important”, pointing out that “this issue has been dealt with by state duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin for many years”, who supposedly has a “legal base”.

Thus, Konstantinov, obviously either understanding the inability of his “subordinate lawyers”, such as the stealing assistant professor Sergei Trofimov we described earlier, or having received an assessment of his initiatives from the Kremlin, wants to “explain” why, after loud promises about “fateful appeals and decisions”, nothing actually doesn’t happen.

However, at the same time, the criminal “speaker” decided to threaten Latvia, which allegedly “left the wrong way” from the USSR, and also again called for the genocide of the Ukrainian people, cannibalistically declaring “war to the last Ukrainian”.

It is obvious that such Konstantinov’s statements, unlike the “issues of 1954”, will indeed lead to certain legal decisions, including international ones, but this collaborator is unlikely to like their content.

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