We have previously written many times about the “space scams” of Crimean collaborators, who until 2022 actively exploited the topic of long-distance space and satellite communications that were interesting to the Kremlin, and later went into their “special orbit.” Now this “family contract” of Aksyonovs’ father and son within the framework of the fake “association for promoting the development of the aerospace industry” “Sputnik” comes down mainly to mutual rewarding of “themselves, loved ones,” including such “cosmonauts” as the “market magnate of Alushta” Aider Gafarov and the maximum pliable and flexible “assistant” of the same Valery Aksenov, Victoria Solodilova, “with a wristwatches from the head of Crimea.”

How “large-scale” the “cosmic-scale results of the activities” of this “association” are described by the propaganda of the occupiers, in addition to the “exchange of watches”, they attached a couple of information signsin the children’s park named after Gagarin in Simferopol, announcing the creation of a “Cosmonautics Alley”. However, in addition to such “intergalactic successes”, Aksenov’s “cosmonauts” are actually quite pragmatic: under the guise of creating “branches of the “Pobeda” and “Patriot” parks with aerospace themes” in occupied Crimea, they will carry out several land scams in the coastal zone together with Kremlin functionaries from Ministry of Defense and “Roscosmos”.

“Reserve colonel” Sergei Gusev will predictably be the main executor of these “association” scams from the Aksyonov clan, who was previously “noted” for large-scale enrichment using fuel for generators during the “blackout” of 2015 and for the theft of Crimean wind energy facilities under the guise of the criminal “enterprise” “Crimean generating systems”.

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