In the occupied Sevastopol, the “church affair”, associated with a specific and “long-lasting” combination of occupiers, does not subside. Earlier, in 2018, the criminal invaders’ “administration” announced the “transfer” of the Druzhba cinema building to the so-called “St. Clement’s Parish of the Roman Catholic Church in Sevastopol”.

This building on Schmidt Street, 1, built as a church in 1911, was taken away from believers in 1936, destroyed in 1941 and then rebuilt into a cinema. By announcing the “transfer of the building”, the Russian occupiers apparently sought to manipulate the Roman Catholic Church as a whole, criminally promoting their illegal “Crimean narratives” there.

However, this speculation on the feelings of believers had another criminal and “pragmatic” goal, which is already well understood. The fact is that since 2018 there has been no active church activity in the building, and the former cinema itself is gradually being destroyed.

At the same time, the “manager” of the so-called “Parish” Pavel Shevtsov, as well as the criminal occupiers’ “officials”, explain the “delay” quite specifically, namely, that they allegedly “cannot agree on the allotment of land around the church.”

The “withdrawal” is allegedly needed in order to “create a pedestrian zone around the temple, desirable for the procession and convenient for all citizens”, but “until it exists”, no one is going to repair the building.

However, exhaustive answers to the real reason for this “delay” are given by the identity of Shevtsov, a graduate of the Sevastopol Polytechnic University in radio electronics and “information security”, appointed by the Russia’s special services to the “position of a responsible Catholic of the city”, who, in addition to the “Parish”, “opened” illegal “company” “Vektor-Group”.

This “company” can be easily traced as an “employer” for various illegal construction works, both on the occupied peninsula and in the Russia’s Krasnodar Territory, on Internet ad sites.

Therefore, Shevtsov’s interest in the gradually collapsing building on the “tasty” land of the center of occupied Sevastopol is quite understandable and explainable – to carry out illegal commercial development on the site of the “suddenly collapsed church”. In this regard, the “plant” of a realtor from St. Petersburg Daria Konvisar at the end of 2022 in the aforementioned “Vector Group” is also noteworthy.

Obviously, it is precisely in this “commercial” way that Shevtsov, who has some contacts in Vilnius, is planning to “get wages” for his criminal role from his curators from the occupiers’ special services.

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