The occupiers’ propaganda mouthpiece, “Krymskiye Izvestiya”, posted a traditional “servicing” report on the “round table in the State council” “Human rights as basis of interethnic relations”, organized by collaborators on March 15.

At the “rout” organized by the Russian special services, the criminal “speaker” Konstantinov, his “deputy” Edip Gafarov, the “chief people’s diplomat” Yuri Gempel, the criminal “Minister of Internal Policy” Vladimir Tregub, the spy from the aggressor’s Foreign Ministry Artyom Berezovsky, as well as Kherson and Crimean Tatar collaborators were noted.

The aggressor’s “diplomats” of the visited this gathering not by chance, because its practical purpose was to “refute” the well-grounded statements of Ukraine, non-governmental organizations, including our Association, as well as individuals, regarding racial discrimination and international crimes in the occupied Crimea, including genocide.

Grigory Lukyantsev, a Russian diplomat and member of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples until 2022, was, the main “denier”, who stated that some “enemies” allegedly “constantly speculate on the topic of violation of the rights of national minorities”, to which this former “UN expert on indigenous peoples” also included the Crimean Tatars.

However, in fact, Lukyantsev only called for “rallying even stronger”, and the Crimean Tatar collaborators – Eskender Bilyalov, Zaur Smirnov and Chingiz Yakubov – were instructed to reveal the “fact”.

However, even if we do not dwell on the issue of the ban on the Mejlis and the political persecution of the Crimean Tatars, which these individuals preferred to “suddenly forget about,” all their “arguments” predictably turned out to be empty shells. The collaborators stated that Putin’s “decree on the rehabilitation of previously deported peoples” of 2014 was allegedly “unique”, but in fact, Ukraine adopted acts condemning Soviet deportations from the Crimea back in 1992, and today Ukraine has generally fully implemented international standards on indigenous peoples in its laws.
In the same way, the “recognition of the religious holidays of the Crimean Tatars as days off” actually took place since 1993, and here the collaborators are simply counting on the “short memory” of the Crimean residents.

While announcing the “construction of a memorial complex in memory of the victims of deportation in Suyren”, the Crimean Tatar collaborators kept silent about dozens of monuments, memorials, steles erected in memory of the victims of deportation since 1991, including with budget money, they kept silent about significant funds allocated annually since 1991 for the improvement of places of compact residence of repatriates.

However, at the “round table” they also decided to “justify themselves” regarding the criminal deportation of children by the aggressor in 2022 through the occupied Crimea.

To do this, the puppeteers of the “event” from the Russian special services “launched” Kherson collaborator Tatyana Kuzmich, who told enchanting nonsense that allegedly in Ukrainian educational institutions “they began to tell children from preschool age … about the right to change sex” and that supposedly some “Volunteers” began to give interviews to “Western media” about children released from captivity by the aggressor.

However, in fact, the released children themselves exhaustively told journalists about the criminal propaganda of the “Russian world”, and about bullying them on ethnic grounds, which no Kuzmichi could refute.

But the most enchanting at the “round table” were the statements of Konstantinov himself, who tried to “comment” on his previous genocidal calls for the destruction of the Ukrainian people, reducing it to the fact that he was allegedly “misunderstood”, because the aggressor plans to destroy only “bad Ukrainians”.

The general impression from the intersection of the Crimean collaborators and the words “human rights” is not so much the tragicomic incompatibility of these things, but also the obvious thick and sticky fear of retribution that oozed from the participants of the “round table”.

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