According to aggressor-controlled media, criminal “senator” and Crimean collaborator Olga Kovitidi proposed “introducing criminal liability for inducing abortion,” since supposedly “administrative liability is not enough due to the logical sequence and systemicity” of abortions; as the collaborator stated, after the actual criminalization of abortion, “women should want to give birth to children”. Well, the aggressor obviously intends to exemplarily repress those who do not “want.”

We previously wrote that the ban on abortion as a form of struggle for “cannon fodder” has become a new “trick” of Patriarch Kirill; moreover, the role of Kovitidi, including Kirill’s “concern” with the “competitor problem” in the person of Metropolitan Tikhon and his “Sevastopol friends,” was quite predictable here.

Regarding the essence of the collaborator’s initiative, everything is explained simply: in order to introduce administrative responsibility, “anti-abortion laws” should be pushed through the constituent “entities of the federation”, and this turned out to be a clearly long and tedious process, and many territories controlled by the aggressor would not mind becoming an “abortion paradise” and making money by servicing “anti-abortion “neighbors; a criminal ban will “cover” the entire population controlled by the aggressor at once.

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