As we already reported on May 30, the criminal “head of Crimea” decided to promote himself in bad weather and said that “despite the ongoing rains”, allegedly “there are no massive floods” in the Crimea. Denying the reality in such a seemingly “relatively harmless” issue, Aksyonov did not fail to “boast” that supposedly “work on clearing the riverbeds and other flood control measures helped to avoid flooding in the territory of the republic”.

However, already on May 31, the Gresovsky settlement near Simferopol was flooded in the area of the reversal ring and Marsovy Lane by the waters of the Salgir River and just because of a non-functioning storm sewer. “It’s not just a clogged storm drain, it’s damaged in several places along the route of the drainage collector itself,” Andrey Chernichenko, the criminal “head of the information policy department” of the illegal “administration” of Simferopol, was forced to admit.

But for the criminal “officials” “the crisis is a ladder” and the same Chernichenko said that they would “come to an understanding of how much money is needed for this”, already planning to write off a couple of million on “new anti-trafficking measures”.

However, in the occupied Yevpatoria, the criminal “head of administration” Elena Demidova, who on May 28 announced that there was again no water in the town “because of phone calls”, now faced a flood due to a clogged storm drain.

As part of the “heroic fight against puddles”, Demidova decided to take a “photo session” in the old town near Partizanska Street, blaming the situation on a local resident who tried to independently fight with the water, flooded the house, stating that “such actions are unacceptable” and promising to “deal with the situation”, but “after June 12”.

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