In occupied Simferopol, collaborator Svetlana Savchenko, who was convicted in absentia in 2019 by a Ukrainian court for treason, reminded of herself. Now Savchenko has criminally called on the Kremlin to “legitimize” censorship and “get rid of what litters our culture.”

Note that Savchenko is now listed as a fake “advisor” to the criminal “speaker” Konstantinov; and before the occupation of the peninsula, she managed to “mark herself” as a deputy from various pro-Russian forces, “passing from hand to hand”, and in 2016 the Kremlin made her a fake “deputy of the Duma”.

Interestingly, having started building a career in the Soviet period with atheistic propaganda in the “Znanie” (“Knowledge”) society, Savchenko is now actively exploiting the theme of his “faith and churchness”. However, since 2021, “something went wrong” with Savchenko, and now she frantically comes up with new reasons to once again prove maximum loyalty to her criminal masters.

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