On October 13, the mouthpiece of the Kremlin’s propaganda, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, told a “touching story” about “fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Masha from Yevpatoria” who allegedly dreamed of “going on a trip to St. Petersburg” from elementary school and for about a year “saving pocket money for tickets,” but then “she gave all her personal savings to buy a medical backpack for the front line” for the aggressor’s soldiers.

Occupiers’ propagandists claim that “despite loud actions, Masha always helped quietly” and “asked to remain anonymous and not attract unnecessary attention” but allegedly “a conscientious dad” “told journalists” and “after the publication of Komsomolskaya Pravda” “they became interested in the story of an ordinary Crimean girl at the Council of Mothers of the World in St. Petersburg” and then she was “awarded with the “Kind Heart” badge from this “Council” in Yevpatoria.

What is interesting in this plot is not even the exploitation by propagandists of the mentioned “intergalactic” “Council”, which actually consisted for many years of one St. Petersburg lady, Evgenia Radaeva, with a too “complex” mental nature, to put it mildly. The cynicism of the occupiers lies in the fact that the “ordinary Crimean girl”, Maria Aleksandrovna Ovdienko, is the daughter of their Saki gautleiter, who in such a fairly inexpensive way made herself a “family reward”. And here we cannot help but remember that on September 19, Ovdienko, apparently after a modest story for “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about a “backpack for the last pennies”, published a post about how “charlatans are idiots calling people in my name, in the name of the FSB and in my name they are collecting money for” Russian aggression.

At the same time, the “official,” without any hesitation, criminally advised: “before completing the transaction, write to me in a personal message”, that is, it is obvious that he is still “coordinating” some “collections”. We wrote that the September hysteria of the “Saki mayor” was clearly connected with the fact that some scam with a criminal “collection of money for the front” left someone without the promised share and that it is extremely likely that Ovdienko might suddenly have some “small troubles”. But it is obvious that for now this “philanthropist” prefers to “distract himself from unpleasant prospects” and promote himself against the backdrop of his minor daughter and her fake “charity.”

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