Couple of days ago, the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, during his illegal stay in Astrakhan, “opened up” about the fact that last year the “tourist flow to the Crimea” still “decreased,” but allegedly only “by 30%,” and the “average the occupancy rate of 1,108 accommodation facilities with a total capacity of more than 160 thousand places in 2022 did not exceed 36%,” and “the volume of lost revenue from these types of services exceeded 9.2 billion rubles”; the collaborator also stated that “the trend associated with a reduction in the tourist flow… will continue in 2023”.

However, such half-hearted “confessions” are not connected with the fact that the Moscow puppeteers allowed Konstantinov to leave the occupied region for a couple of days, but with a banal desire to restore the swindler’s usual feeding troughs from “Consol”. The fact is that in 2023, the aggressor did not extend the “program to stimulate affordable domestic tourist trips”, from which the “authorities’ collaborators” profited, and in addition, “investments” in “tourist clusters” with “supporting infrastructure” were reduced to the maximum possible extent.

In addition, the Kremlin stopped “expenses for the implementation of a program to support affordable domestic tourist trips in organizing children’s recreation and their health through reimbursement of part of the cost,” which allowed collaborators to profit from Ukrainian children criminally deported under the guise of “health.” Konstantinov’s most tragicomic “request” was the mention of “cruise tourism,” which is allegedly hampered not by the occupation and Russian naval aggression, but by the “unsatisfactory state of the berth infrastructure,” to which, in theory, an infinite amount of money can be attributed, just like those mentioned by the “speaker” shore protection and anti-landslide works… in the coastal zone of the Black and Azov Seas.” For some reason, Konstantinov was “ashamed” to mention the fortifications carried out by the aggressor on the Crimean beaches in this vein.

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