The aggressor-controlled “media” declare that the criminal “arbitration court of Sevastopol” “supported” the aggressors’ military in their illegal “claim” against the criminal “government of Sevastopol” and the fictitious “firm” “Azbuka tourism”, where the so-called “third party” was an offshore company “ Gershwall Enterprises Limited”, registered in Cyprus.

At the same time, the aggressor’s Ministry of Defense criminally claimed the lands of the so-called “military camp No. B-34”, located not far from Cape Aya, which until 2014 enjoyed the fame of one of the key recreational regional facilities.

The occupational “media” indicates that the “Azbuka Tourism” is allegedly owned by the “merchant” Pavel Syrtsev, the former Russia’s Deputy minister of transport Konstantin Korolevskiy, the brother of the Ukraine’s MP Natalia Korolevskaya, and also the “entrepreneur” Yevgenia Skibinskaya.
It should be noted that the “Azbuka Tourism”, illegally “registered” by the Russian occupiers in Sevastopol, until 2019 really had Korolevskiy as “a founder”, to which many “enterprises” were “recorded” in the occupied Crimea, and until 2021 Syrtsev, the former director of the department of culture of Russia’s Kirov Region, once convicted for “illegal entrepreneurial activity” but later amnestied.

The scam with “Azbuka Vkusa” was connected with the illegal “transfer” to it, with the assistance of the criminal “governor” Dmitry Ovchinnikov, of the vast resort and recreational lands of the occupied Sevastopol. In particular, these were six coastal zones: the areas of the Golden and Silver beaches, the beaches of Uchkuevka, Batiliman, Fig, Cape Sarych, as well as forest zones – the mentioned Cape Aya, the Alsu tract, Toropova dacha, Dry river, Skelskaya cave, Dry stream. Kush-Kaya and so on.

It is noteworthy that now the occupiers recognize the “reduction in the load” on the same Cape Aya due to the “reduction in the number of tourists in 2022”, however, before that, they stated the deplorable state of this object, polluted during the eight years of occupation by hundreds of thousands of “Russian vacationers”.

Let us add that the current “founders’ of the “Azbuka Tourism”, Yevgenia Skibinskaya and Roman Kupradze, “recorded” a number of illegal “enterprises” on the occupied peninsula, one of which is now illegally building the so-called “hotel and entertainment complex” “Omega” in Sevastopol, destroying the corresponding seaside landscape.

As for the Cypriot offshore, it was clearly created by the beneficiaries of these scams to “launder” illegally “earned” funds in Sevastopol, with a dummy director Konstantin Talea, to which another fifty Cypriot companies are “brought in”.

The current “publicity” of the situation with Cape Aya arose mainly due to the fact that the aggressor’s military criminally decided to use the lands, illegally used by pointed land swindlers.

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