On December 28, the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov posted a video of the broken “mainland” highway “on the road from Mariupol”, cynically “lamenting” its bad condition, as if allegedly “achievements of Ukraine” and at the same time boasting of the alleged “level of the Crimean highways”.

And it’s not even that before the aggressor’s occupation of this territory, the “Melitopol-Mariupol” highway was in fairly good condition and was actually destroyed precisely in 2022 – first by the massive transfer of Russian invaders’ equipment along it, and then, from October, by thousands of trucks, illegally traveling to the occupied Crimea from Russia along the “land corridor”, in particular, transporting cargo that is clearly not designed for vehicles.

In the false accusations of Konstantinov, something else is noteworthy, because just the day before, residents of the Dzhankoy District of the occupied Crimea published an appeal on social networks regarding the same “Simferopol-Mariupol” road, though, its Crimean section exactly. As the Crimean residents write, “the whole road is covered with patches, there are places where the edges of the roadway are squeezed out by heavy trucks, there hasn’t been snow yet, and there are already so many holes that it becomes dangerous to drive.”

As the appeal says, “for the last 8 years, no one has even looked in the side” of Russia-occupied Dzhankoy and the question is asked “how many more punctured wheels, broken suspension, accidents are needed to bring this section of the road to the proper level?”. However, this question worries the least of the criminal “speaker” and his henchmen naturally.

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