According to the media controlled by the aggressor, the criminal “government” of Sevastopol, following the instructions of the military invaders, began to send out “notices to the owners of plots” located in the village of Kacha, namely in the “garden association” “Arzu” and the “summer association” “Mayak-Kacha”.

The “notifications” that have already been received by more than 140 people indicate “inclusion in a zone with special conditions of use”, and translated into human language, this means that the owners of the plots, who usually received them legally, before the occupation, will be banned from them any activity, and in the future they plan to withdraw. The same criminal “government” stated that “this territory is assigned to the SP-1 zone, the zone of sensitive facilities”.

As occupiers’ propagandists say on this occasion, “this process will be carried out further and much more harshly than now … it is naive to believe that everything will change tomorrow and a carefree life will come”, since, as the collaborators state, the interests of the aggressor state “always and everywhere are put above the interests ordinary person”.

In this regard, the Sevastopol residents ironically, given the current painful “thrust” of the occupiers for the “fortifications” of the coastal zone and for the “distribution of plots to veterans” of Russian aggression, it is obvious that the aggressor is already planning to “withdraw” the “newly given” plots for defense needs.

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