On November 17, the aggressor’s propaganda reported “good news” that allegedly “despite the flight ban”, the occupiers-controlled Simferopol airport allegedly “introduced” a new “digital business process management system” developed by the aggressor.

It is stated that this “know-how” allegedly “simplifies the control and analysis of the effectiveness of managing both human and material resources”, and that at the same time about 100 specialists worked on the “implementation of the project for a year”.

It is obvious that the occupiers need at least some “encouraging” statements about the airport of the occupied Crimea, which will open for air traffic already clearly after the de-occupation of the peninsula.

At the same time, the Russian invaders clearly lost sight of the absurdity of the “news” that the supposedly system of “effective human resource management” was developed by one hundred people over the course of a year.

However, the transport realities of the occupied Crimea have a completely different form. As social networks reported regarding passenger boats in Sevastopol, the occupiers arrange a “full check” of passengers’ luggage and bags, often manually.

In practice, this leads to the accumulation of huge crowds of passengers in places that are not adapted for this in any way, who have no other opportunity to move around the bays-divided city.

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