As we already wrote, after the Russian invaders undermined the dam and structures of the Kakhovska hydroelectric power station, the Crimean collaborators experienced a “dynamic pause”, since for more than a year of large-scale Russian aggression they actively, following Putin, “justified” it by allegedly “the need to control the North Crimean Canal” in order to “renew water supply” to the allegedly “drying peninsula”.

Now it is obvious that such a “need” has “gone somewhere” and collaborators have to “change shoes in the air”. For example, the criminal “senator” Olga Kovitidi repeated a clear fake of the gautleiter of Nova Kakhovka, who was not friendly with school textbooks, saying that “they will not be able to leave Crimea without water, the head station of the North Crimean Canal is located above the dam itself”. Probably, in the world of Kovitidi’s painful fantasies, the water is now flowing “from the bottom up”.

Criminal Sergey Aksyonov was forced to declare that “in the coming days the dynamics and possible risks will be clear”, however, both he and his criminal “adviser” Oleg Kryuchkov emphasize that “the reservoirs are full”, echoing Dmitry Peskov’s statements that what allegedly “Crimea took energetic steps to ensure guaranteed water supply even without the North Crimean Canal”.

Let us recall that the fact of the impossibility of restoring the HPP is not only indicated by the Ukrainian authorities, but also recognized by the occupiers themselves. As the experts of our Association state on this occasion, “collaborators in Crimea will now “breathe” a little, because since last year the North Crimean Canal has been for them a “suitcase without a handle”, which they could not normally operate”.

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