As noted in the occupiers-controlled “media”, on December 5, the aggressor may begin the criminal procedure of “appointing” the fake “head of administration” of Yevpatoria. At the same time, as they write on social networks, regarding the attempts of collaborators to “cash in” on this process, “the struggle has already begun, advertising posts have been bought.”

The very criminal “appointment” to the “position” of the current fake “acting” Alexander Loskutov does not become a special “intrigue”, but one should expect all kinds of people who want to “milk” this “authoritative candidate” before the “procedure”. Therefore, yesterday’s tragicomic “accusations” of the occupiers’ “drain tank” Talipov about some “purchased Ukrainian and Italian seedlings”, described by us, about which Loskutov immediately began to “justify himself”, were not surprising.

Further, Talipov, controlled by the Russian military, voiced “two more insiders”, which, however, according to their plot, are easy to get from the Internet. The point is that the fake “administration” from Loskutov successfully “sawing” 120 million rubles at the “cultural and ethnographic center” and also “mastered” 39 million on some kind of “New Year’s lighting”. It is noteworthy that Talipov, in his “corporate style”, writes off all the machinations to a certain “Loskutov’s mistress”, and not to the completely real and well-known accomplices of the criminal “mayor”, Eldar Veliyev and the “supplier” Yevgeny Pronin.

This “fight of spiders in the bank”, by a “strange coincidence”, coincided with the “storm in glass” organized by the Russian special services, namely, the promotion of a certain “anti-Aksyonov rally”, in which Natalia Poklonska, closely associated with the “Yevpatoria problems”, and her sister Olena Osadchaya take part.

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