On February 23, the aggressor’s propaganda began to massively “remind” of the “rally” in Sevastopol nine years ago, which allegedly became the “beginning” of the so-called “Russian spring”; it is obvious that now the occupiers have decided to “bet” on attempts to “glorify” this event.

It is worth recalling that before this “rally” on February 23, 2014, where the “people’s mayor” Aleksei Chaly was criminally proclaimed, units of the 810th brigade of the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet had controlled the city and the surroundings of Sevastopol for two days, from which Viktor Yanukovych was taken to the Russian Federation on February 21.

Further, it was Sevastopol that became the main springboard for the occupation of Crimea, since in Simferopol the transition of the Russian occupation into an “open form” took place on the morning of February 27.

Now the aggressor’s propaganda does little to use fakes about some kind of “expression of will” or fictitious “self-determination” in the Crimea, focusing on the forceful invasion and its alleged “bloodlessness”.

Regarding the latter, it is only worth noting that a significant part of the participants in the “Sevastopol beginning” of the occupation of the Crimea, including those from the “810th brigade”, are already dead, and the criminal “administration” in occupied Sevastopol cannot organize some “mass events” on the “anniversary of the rally”, stating “understandable” reasons for their cancellation.

It is obvious that the majority of Sevastopol residents are well aware that both the current deplorable state of the city and the upcoming risks of the period that will precede its de-occupation were laid down for the future by the Kremlin precisely in the last week of February 2014.

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