Earlier, we wrote about the incident on May 15, when aggressor-controlled “bloggers” like the infamous Alexander Talipov, began to spread a “stream of indignation” after a drunken “heroic wife of an officer” of the aggressor to perform a “multi-drunk” version of the Russian anthem in “Che is not Cho-Cho” karaoke.

Then it all ended with “searches”, “arrests” and “fines”, but in fact it became another clearly prepared “arrival”, using figures like Talipov, on “competitor’ business”.

Now the situation is repeating itself in the mode of an even greater farce, but with a certain criminal “volunteer” from Murmansk, Anatolyi Hrunt, who on May 27 staged a drunken brawl in another, “more elite” Yevpatorian “recreational establishment” “Bely”.

This Hrunt, being in an extremely deep, almost unconscious, immersion in the “Russian world”, received “hot nuts” in an institution and ended up in the hospital with all sorts of injuries traditional for such types of “sports”. Further, apparently, having heard enough about the previous, “Talipov” story in “Che is not Cho-Cho” karaoke, he came up with a “plan of insidious revenge” on his “offenders”.

According to the “volunteer” version, he showed up at the “Bely” nightclub precisely in order to “sing the Russian anthem and other military songs” and was allegedly “cruelly beaten” by the club guards for this.

The “little problem” for the cunning brawler was not even the fact that no videos of the “beating for the anthem” were preserved, but also the fact, that the group, holding the “Bely” “club” is far from the last characters in the “food chain” of Crimean collaborators. Therefore, the aforementioned Talipov, realizing that this “piece is not for his teeth”, said on June 2 that “everything is not so simple”.

However, regardless of whether they will now try to “squeeze out” the “Bely” institution in the new “anthem case”, any collaborators and occupiers in the Crimea can develop a reflex – in any, the most idiotic situation for them, start singing the anthem of the Russian Federation, with the hope in the future to become another “hero” from invaders’ promiscuous propaganda.

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