As the ARC already wrote, an accomplice of the elderly spy Georgyi Muradov from among the Crimean collaborators, the criminal “chairman of the committee on public diplomacy” Yuri Hempel previously stated that allegedly “30 delegations from all over the world visited Crimea in 2022”, although of course the occupiers did not bring any confirmation of this.

In 2023, Hempel began to periodically announce the illegal arrival of some fake “people’s diplomats” from Germany to the occupied Crimea. Let us recall that the previous similar provocation, when in November 2022 the editor of the “Goodnews4 Baden-Baden” newspaper from Baden-Baden, Christian Fritsch illegally arrived in the occupied Crimea, ended when the Baden municipality, after the appeal of our Association, stated the termination of the agreement on friendship with Yalta concluded before the occupation.

The aggressor took this inevitable course of events rather painfully, up to Lavrov’s recent “breakthrough” statement that now the “Yalta” occupiers “will be friends” with such a “world center” as the Nicaraguan city of Granada.

However, even these Kremlin satellites are clearly in no hurry to sign criminal “agreements” with the occupiers.

“Accompanying” these criminal fakes and obviously trying to “wipe himself off” after the Baden “cold shower”, the same Hempel began to declare that allegedly “German families are moving en masse” to the Crimea.

But when the same occupiers’ propaganda tried to get the coordinates of such “settlers” from the collaborator for an “interview”, it turned out predictably that there were only “a few” declared “families” and that they allegedly “are only planning to move”.

Thus, the aggressor’s criminal “people’s diplomacy” finally slides into the regime of “dead souls” so beloved by “masters of special funds” like Muradov and Hempel.

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