At the end of August, Roman Bilyk, the “frontman of the ‘Zveri’ group” of the aggressor, showed up in the occupied part of the Donetsk region with criminal “concerts in support” of the Russian aggressors and, moreover, “ridiculed foreign agents in a new song”.

On two videos from the occupied Mariupol, Bilyk can be noted with German Osipov, who has been criminally visiting terrorists at the front since 2022, and “plays along with the frontman”. Previously, Bilyk imitated a “neutral position”, but his current “tours” are explained well the statements of the former “concert director of the band” Valeria Agapova.

Agapova explained that Bilyk “tried to sit on two chairs” for a long time, and “does everything for the sake of money, fame and his own benefit” and “is ready for anything”; she stated that earlier “Roman secretly showed at private events” in the occupied Crimea and also illegally “flied there for a second passport making sure that no one posted photos on social networks”.

It should be noted that Agapova herself earlier, namely in 2018, tried to prevent the participation of Bilyk and his “Zveri” at the annual Atlas Weekend music festival held in Kyiv. Then the performance was canceled allegedly “due to non-compliance of sound and light riders by the host country”, but now it is obvious that the respective characters had quite clear and other motivations for than “tour”.

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