Recently, the notorious petrel of Russian imperialism and Nazism, Konstantin Zatulin, criminally proposed to “cancel the decisions on the transfer of the Crimean region” made by the Soviet authorities in 1954.

After that, the diplomat from communist Beijing in France, Lu Shaye, also criminally remembered the Crimea, repeating the fake about Khrushchev and peninsula.

The reasons for these statements right now are obvious – the aggressor understands not only the collapse of his plans in Ukraine, but also the real medium-term prospects for the Crimean peninsula.

And his Beijing “elder brothers” are well aware that the collapse of the Kremlin’s plans in Ukraine will also postpone for a long time the “final solution of the Taiwan issue”, the destruction of the last center of the democratic system on Chinese territory.

As ARC expert Borys Babin writes on this subject, Beijing diplomats recall the “former Soviet countries” purely according to Freud, realizing their own inferiority, the incompleteness of the communist state project and the presence of many questions about the legitimacy of the corresponding regime, including the chair in the UN Security Council.

Therefore, diplomats of the “people’s republic”, created by Stalin, as probably no one in the world, should have ranted that the democracies that arose on the ruins of the Soviet empire supposedly “have no effective status in international law”, since supposedly “there is no international agreement that would materialize their status as a sovereign country”. But this is precisely what modern Beijing lacks.

It is noteworthy that even the Crimean collaborators turned out to be “more modest” in their criminal appetites, pointing out, in particular through the mouthpiece of the “ForPost” propaganda, that the criminal calls of “Zatulin about the need to nullify the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine” carry a significant number of risks for modern Russia as well.

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