At the end of February, the occupiers-controlled “media” were forced to state that the fake “administration” in Kerch will not allocate money in 2024 for “cultural projects for youth” and for all kinds of “amateur artistic activities”. At the same time, the same “authorities” will have several million for “traditional public holidays, such as March 8, February 23, Victory day…, as well as many days of remembrance of victims, disasters, offensives, retreats, partisans and underground fighters”.

It is stated that “it is clear that in most of these festive events the main artists will be representatives of the administration and deputies” and, among other things, they even ask a “naive” question into the void: “maybe we can already start writing a story about the living and about children?” However, Kerch children also have other “interesting quests”: moving students from the “Romanovsky gymnasium” building of which, according to the documents, “should have already been renovated,” but at the same time it “pleased” the Kerch residents with “creatively” crumbling structures behind the leaky false facade.

A more tragicomic situation has developed in Kerch “school number 25”, located near the port and the “military unit of the Russian Guard” on Kirov Street. Parents and students have recently begun to notice that the “Rosguard” members are trying to park their vehicles not in the “unit” or near its “perimeter,” but right around the school. The calculation of the punishers of the aggressor is elementary: in the case of a certain explosion at “their personnel detachment”, personal vehicles will remain intact, but for some reason such tactics do not cause joy among the “friendly staff of the elite school”.

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